Can I go to jail if I do not pay my debts?

Are IRA accounts exempt?

Will I be required to attend a court hearing?

I'm a college junior and I'm looking to build my credit a little. I was thinking of taking out a small car loan, not too much, to build credit. I know credit cards help as well. I was wondering of more good ways to build credit.



I was thinking about getting a bank account. I have had a foreclosure and a repossession. I do not owe any taxes or anything like that. I have a lot of utility bills also on my credit. Can anyone freeze my account or go into my bank account if I get one?

When bankruptcy is final do you send a letter of discharge to all three reporting credit bureaus or just one? Do they need a copy of the final decree from the trustee about the debts that were reaffirmed?

Does filing bankruptcy erase judgments that creditors have against me?

How long after my bankruptcy can I file again?

I was sick most of 2009 and was in the hospital twice and now I am unemployed. I have a car that I have gotten behind on the payments and they are going to repossess it. What should I do? I got approved for another car with a low down payment and lower payments than what I was paying on the car

What happens to my bank account when I am accused of being delinquent on my debts?